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Venture name: BrainPOP (
Founder-leader name: Dr. Avraham Kadar
Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Description of venture:
BrainPOP is a group of online websites that produce educational videos for students in grades K-12 (Wikipedia, 2014). The curriculum-based content allows users to access videos, quizzes, games and other resources, in the subjects of: science, social studies, English, math, engineering and tech, health and arts and music (BrainPOP, 2014). This online subscription site is utilized in more than 20% of U.S. schools and is growing internationally (BrainPOP, 2014).

Background of CEO/Founder:
Dr. Avraham Kadar created BrainPOP in 1999 when he was trying to explain the concept of asthma and allergies to his young patients (BrainPOP, 2014). His inspiration came from his late wife, Naomi, who was an educator (The Naomi Foundation). Now, BrainPOP is used to educate children on a variety of topics and carries on the values that Avraham and his wife are passionate about.

The Vice Presidents of BrainPOP are the children of Dr. Avraham Kadar (The Naomi Foundation). They all come from a variety of backgrounds and are responsible for different aspects of the company (BrainPOP ESL, operations management) (The Naomi Foundation). There is also an advisor and managing director.

My thoughts:
I think its inspiring how Kadar’s idea blossomed into a successful business and brand. I find it heart-warming how the family is working together to carry on their family values and Naomi’s passions. I have used BrainPOP and like my students, I love it!

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