Dragon Box


Dragon Box: Algebra game

Integration: Available across platforms (Android, Windows, ipad)

Motivation: Unlocking levels.  Fast progression.  Dragon rewards for leveling up.

Audience: Students, parents, teachers

Content: Math: Algebra

Learning and Mastery: Leveled learning.  Moves from basic algebra concepts using pictures and rules and gradually replaces pictures with mathematical symbols.

Base game Dragon Box +5c is about $6.  There is a harder version available Dragon Box +12, which costs about $12

This game has incredible potential.  I am eager to download a version and try it out with my step kids.  It is a fun game that gradually moves kids from abstract symbols to algebra specific symbols while teaching the fundamentals of balancing and equation and isolating variables.

I would like to see how they transition kids in to real world applications of these skills to see if the knowledge transfers to solving word problem or if the skills remain isolated in game play.


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