Analyst Reports (A1)

Venture Analysis

I decided to complete my Venture Analysis Report on a local project in which I have been an important part.  I am excited and proud to have worked on this project however, through this assignment, I realize that there are some serious concerns associated with this project.  I am still proud of the work that I have done but I also realize that there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

I did not realize how easily I could be blinded and fail to see important ethical issues with regards to industry and education partnerships.  This is even more serious when I consider that Teck Resources is the major employer in the area.  People have very strong feelings about Teck and this is a factor that must be handled delicately and professionally.

I chose to create a PowerPoint because I want to share this with my colleagues at our next Local Specialist Association Day next fall.

Sparwood Secondary School and Teck Resources




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