Analyst Reports (A1)

Assignment #1: Venture Analyst Report for Explain Everything

Hi All,

My Venture Analyst Report can be viewed here:

Personal Reflection

Through the creation of this presentation I came to a number of realizations that will serve me well I as continue on in the MET program. The first realization was that market research is difficult when the company is new. This manifested itself when I encountered that it was near impossible to find any financial information regarding developer of the application I analyzed. Since the application is only a couple years old, and the company is not publicly traded, it was difficult to ascertain market information from their perspective. Luckily, SMART Technologies is one of their direct competitors in the interactive whiteboard market, and since they are publicly traded, their annual information form provided a wealth of information regarding the interactive whiteboard market. The second realization that I came to was the potential for synergies between application developers. I know that for developers this comes as no surprise, but as I researched Explain Everything I began to see the opportunities for collaboration in the market place for this application.


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