Analyst Reports (A1)

Analyst Report – Web-Conferencing Solutions

I chose to analyze web-conferencing solutions that support collaborative mobile learning. The mechanics of designing a virtual classroom based on web-conferencing thrills me. Determining which elements of collaboration are most valuable to mobile learning is crucial. However, it was daunting once I realized that I could not find a venture that pitched a mobile virtual classroom. There may be a good reason why ventures that incorporate a virtual classroom into a business model are not crazy about mobile learning.

Although collaboration and mobility are both major selling points for web-conferencing solutions, many of these features have less educational value on mobile devices than on desktop. I was determined to find the best mobile web-conferencing solution, but this was not easy because for every superior feature a solution offered there was something that it did terribly wrong (or did not do at all). The best way to recommend a solution was to rate features and calculate the highest score.

Lastly, I thought that an EVA promoting mobile optimization should itself be optimized for mobile so I chose Wix as my medium of choice. Wix employs several editing tools to optimize web content for mobile viewing. I also like that Wix makes it easy for others to comment because I do not believe that my recommendation is final, which I explain why at the end of the report.


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