Analyst Reports (A1)

Assign #1 – Analyst Report on WIRIS

I teach high school math online courses.  Unfortunately, it is not easy to type or represent mathematical/scientific equations, expressions and symbols on a website or in a learning management system (LMS).  It is difficult for students to complete online quizzes and tests in Moodle or communicate their questions/responses electronically with the teacher and other students.

WIRIS is a powerful software that provides tools for teachers and students to insert mathematical formulas into web pages, complete online quizzes, and access a powerful graphing calculator both online and offline.  I have decided to review this company because I am planning to use these tools in my courses.

Please click on the image below and you will be directed to my analyst report (completed in the form of a website).

My EVA recommendations and personal reflection are also found on the same website.

Tiffany Tseng

WIRIS Analyst report website


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