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Thanks Bobbi for helping explain and improve the functionality of the site. I too have found the navigation a bit difficult at times.

My suggestions relate to the use of images, icons and colour to help with navigation.  Currently there is some disconnect between the use of image and navigation. For example the titles in the images don’t align with the headings or subheadings. These images would be great for navigation but they would need to connect to other pages.

website design

The image at the bottom of the page is my suggestion for the website design and navigation. I don’t necessarily see a long tab at the top but created this image to show all the possible layers in the site. Perhaps rather than including Week 5-12 as separate tabs, there would be a Week 5-12 tab with images that link to the weeks:


When the user clicks on a week it would take them to a page with the week’s Introduction, Activities (if housed on the site), Week review/summation and the Comments sections. In this way people would know where to post everything and if they wanted to add an image (which I don’t believe right now is doable in a comment) they could post their review/comment under the correct section.

I think the use of icons would help define various aspects of the site that repeat such as overviews, information, actionable tasks and summaries or critiques. In my image I used a pin to signal information/overview, a checkmark for summations/reviews, a question mark for important questions and answers and a lightbulb for items that require participation or action. I included colour-coding to help participants visualize where they are in the course and on the site. I also used colour to  show progression over the first four weeks (light to dark).  In the best of all possible worlds the front page would be a visual diagram with buttons leading to the 15 pages – from introductory weeks, to weekly activities, to final pitches and Q&A –  keeping this page clean and clear and concise. I’d also like to see the removal of the running stream to the right of the page. It adds visual clutter and would most likely not work on a mobile device.

Finally, I included the YouTube image in my video as I think a quick screencapture video going through the site, how and where to post would be helpful for many people.

Website construction

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