Week 8 Review

Thank you week 8 for your facilitation last week. Your choice of topic is focused and relevant with educational filed in the point of privacy and security matters. It gave me the opportunity to think about cloud technology from a very new angle, and I think that is a good experience to me. I liked the layout and image of your presentation. As other people have mentioned on the problem of the choice of collaborative platform, I would like to add the point of openness. I appreciate your experiment in opening our collaborative discussion processes because we are to create an OER. On the other hand, through the process, it made me wonder what would be the objective and product of this open discussion. In our group, we were not as active as our regular brainstorming process of adding ideas and pooling anything without filtering or sorting. The discussion quality is different from the reviews, reflections and discussions on the regular open threads on the ETEC522 site. I wonder the experiment of opening our process creating the assessment tool could add to the readers more value.


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