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Week 4 article links

Hi there,

While trying to access Week 4 readings, I ran into some snags. Thought I’d share a more direct way of accessing the UBC library journal articles here. You’d be prompted to authenticate using your UBC login.


Ghemawat, P. (2007). Managing differences: The central challenge of global strategy. Harvard Business Review, 85(3), 58-68. 

>> UBC Library Link

You will see a message that says “limited access”: Screen Shot 1

To get to the PDF full text, click on Find Similar Results on the left:Screen Shot 2

Elberse, A. (2008). Should you invest in the long tail? Harvard Business Review, 86(7/8), 88-96. 

>> UBC Library Link

De Coster, R & Butler, C. (2005). Assessment of proposals for new technology ventures in the UK: Characteristics of university spin-off companies. Technovation 25(5), 535-543. 

>> UBC Library Link