Digital Storytelling presented visually on a glog

by librarianincognita ~ August 14th, 2011. Filed under: Digital Storytelling, Digital Tools.

Someone once used the word tenacious to describe me and I think he was spot on. When I am obsessing about something, I am like a dog that won’t let go of its bone. Since I’ve been thinking about digital storytelling and maybe even dreaming about it, it naturally follows that my glog would be on digital storytelling. I initially wanted to do an actual video – I still do –  I just need to get all the official assignments out of the way.

I really do like creating things. If I wasn’t so busy the previous week, I imagine I would trying all sorts of things and tools. Glogster was a disappointment. I expected it to be a lot more user friendly. Options were limited and while there are a number of possible graphics and designs one could use, a lot of it looked a little tacky. The interface was clunky and there was no undo button. The interactive poster is a wonderful idea but until they streamline it, it’s not going to be something I will go back to using again too soon.

Anyway, here is my poster which I am very proud of.

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  1.   Alison Dodd

    I’m definitely with you on this one: I wouldn’t use Glogster again unless forced to. That said, yours is awesome, and it’s made all the more so because I know how much of a pain that program is to use!

  2.   librarianincognita

    I wasted one whole day doing it – I was just determined to get it done despite how annoying the interface was. I’m glad you like it – you are the first one to tell me so and now I feel a bit better about wasting a day.

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