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Virtual Soil Labs

Soil Contaminants virtual composition. It might look like a panoramic photograph, which was in fact the exact intent, except that the image you see here was composed in Photoshop by merging and heavily tweaking at least 7 unrelated photographs followed by adding realistic textures and objects (e.g. the puddles of water, the different soil structures, the tractors, the house, the airplane, etc.). This composition along with other graphic design and multimedia creations have won the award for Excellence and Innovation in Graphic Design from CNIE/RCIE.

Virtual Soil Science Logo

Virtual Soil Science logo. "From the ground to the web". Visit www.soilweb.ca
Virtual Soil Science chosen logo. “From the ground to the web” is the motto. The cute little flower has its petals made of computer mice and it’s spreading wireless data waves out there. I’ve designed this using Adobe Illustrator.
It was in fact Prof. Dr. Maja Krzic’s vision which I have helped to materialize. Don’t forget to visit www.soilweb.ca to learn a thing or two about the fascinating soil science. The free soil science online resources project has been a tremendous team effort led by Dr. Krzik which has rightfully won a bunch of awards, including one for Excellence and Innovation in Graphics and Web Design from Canadian Network of Innovation in Education.