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I haven’t finished this book. Now that that’s out of the way, I can start ‘analyzing’. I’m going to stick with quotes today so my brain doesn’t explode. So far, I’m finding this book okay. It’s not literature, though. Argh. Paine kind of seems to kiss America’s ass, which I find a bit intolerable, but his tone is very conversational. So it’s kind of a 50/50 between excruciatingly annoying traits and really appealing ones. Page 9 has my favourite quote/idea so far: “There never did, there never will, and there…read more


some ideas on ‘multiples’

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The first few times Hacking used the term ‘multiples’, I legitimately thought he was referring to twins/triplets. Hopefully that’s an indication of my brain state this weekend. I will fully admit that I haven’t finished this book (I’m on page 112!) for a few reasons. I’ve been fighting off a nasty cold, and to be honest I’m getting a bit annoyed at the lack of ‘literature’ on our reading list. I have never been a huge fan of philosophy and that’s what a lot of our recent books feel like…read more


I’m confused

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As with most weeks, I read Charlotte’s blog post before I wrote mine and I agree with everything she said. Big surprise. I also saw a lot of things that echoed Trouillot and Freud (the latter more obviously, as his name is mentioned in the text), which was interesting. I also liked Trouillot, and yet I find this a bit … unrewarding. I’m reading the words, and I’m processing, but I’m not getting anything from it. And it’s not the usual “hmm I wonder what this means” feeling that I…read more


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