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‘media studies’ revisited

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This is my tenth and final blog post, so I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to look back on the course. First and foremost, this course has forced me to read some literary theory, which I will admit is not my favourite. However, the small dose each week made it more manageable, and I appreciated the ways we were able to connect the things we read about to TV, video games, movies, and other more familiar (and relevant?) examples. The discussions we had in class were thought-provoking, and other seminar…read more


more on TV

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Side note: this is late and therefore somewhat irrelevant, mostly because I started it two weeks ago and then saved as a draft and promptly forgot in favour of exams. Whoops. Apologies in advance for errors in grammar or sentences that read badly – lately it has been essays > sleep, as is the student way. I had a tough time keeping my presentation down time-wise – there are a lot of things I could say about reality TV, and about TV in general. In high school, all I watched was…read more


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