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“One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

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Hmmm, Sisyphus. The only Camus I’d read before now was ‘The Guest’ (in grade 10, so it was somewhat lost on me). Having said that, I actually really enjoyed the story of Sisyphus, and it poses some interesting questions about leading a life of eternal aggravation. When Camus says that Sisyphus is ‘conscious’, I assume he means that Sisyphus is aware that his life consists only of pushing a rock up a hill only to watch it roll down again, etcetera. The whole premise of repetition for the sake of…read more


Here goes nothing…

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I haven’t blogged at all since I was 13 (and that wasn’t a real blog, actually) so I’m learning on my feet here! I’m excited to share my ramblings on various literary and philosophical topics and am hoping to put an interesting spin on things – one of the biggest things I took away from high school English is that I seem to interpret certain literary works (considered by most to be ‘classics’) differently from my friends and colleagues. My goal here is to share my opinions on various works…read more


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