Law proceedings of work related injuries

Accidents are bound to happen and sometimes a small accident can turn into a huge injury, resulting in not only physical and emotional trauma but also the loss of work as well. Even though you may be in immense pain and just want to stay in bed, there are a couple of crucial steps you need to take in order to make sure you’re properly protected and compensated. Here are the 5 things you need to do after a work injury.

Go to the Doctors immediately

Many people delay this, however, it’s extremely important that you go to the doctor as soon as possible after your injury. There are a couple reasons why you need to see a doctor, regardless whether or not you think the injury is serious. Firstly, you may seem to be fine, however, when you’re body is pumped with adrenaline, you don’t feel symptoms. Secondly, when you see a doctor, they’ll conduct a thorough check and record everything, including any complaints you have and injuries on your body.

Document the information

Your doctor may have documented information about the accident but you also need to have documentation regarding the incident. It’s important that right after the accident you write down what happened. Make sure you include every single detail, no matter how small. If you can, take a picture of the scene, this will only strengthen your case. If there were witnesses around, make sure you obtain their information and what they saw.

Get yourself a lawyer

When dealing with a workplace injury, it’s important to consult a lawyer. Regardless if you think you have a case or not, a personal injury lawyer will be able to use the law and their knowledge to best advise you. In addition, a lawyer can determine if it’s a WSIB issue or not.  If you allow too much time to pass, you allow the other party and possibly even your insurance company more time to find a loophole. Nobody, including your insurance, wants to pay you. WIth an attorney, you’ll be able to know what to expect and they’ll try to get you the best compensation for your injury.

Don’t speak without your lawyer

If the insurance company tries to contact you, it’s important that you don’t say anything to them without the representation of your lawyer. The insurance company is not there for your best interest, rather, they’re trying to find ways to get out of the situation without having to pay you anything. So, make sure you only speak to them when your lawyer is present as anything you say will be used to undervalue the amount you wish to be compensated or to simply deny your claim.

Keep a journal of your health progress

If you’re injured you should be writing down how you’re feeling and what’s hurting you on a daily basis. Naturally, even though you may be injured insurance companies are going to downplay the injury, claiming that you’re not in as much pain as you say you are. Write down the medications you’re taking, how they make you feel and the level of pain your injury is giving you. Include the limitation you have as well. Perhaps you cannot use the toilet unassisted or drive.  

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