Recent Dissertations and Theses in HWL

(updated October 2019)

Ph.D. Dissertations

Namae, Stella. (pending completion, Fall 2019). The Status and Use of Information and Communication Technology in Uganda Secondary Schools: Teachers’ Competencies, Challenges, Dispositions, and Perceptions. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Zhao, Jennifer. (September 2019). Design of a 3D Virtual Learning Environment for Acquisition of Cultural Competence in Nurse Education: Experiences of Nursing and Other Health Care Students, Instructors, and Instructional Designers. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Lee, Yu-Ling. (May 2017). Designing Technotheologies: Ethics, Pedagogies, and Spiritualities in Maker Actor-Networks. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Ralph, Rachel. (March 2017). Sharing is Caring: Prosocial Behaviours, Theory of Mind, and Media and Technology in Early Childhood Education. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Arntzen, Jenny. (November 2015). Teacher Candidates’ Imaginative Capacity and Dispositions Toward Using ICT in Practice. Ph.D. Dissertation.

MacDowell, P. (March 2015). Empowering Girls as Change-Makers in Maker Culture: Stories from a Summer Camp for Girls in Design, Media, and Technology. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Gutica, Mirela. (March 2014). Designing Educational Games and Advanced Learning Technologies: An Identification of Affective States for Modeling Pedagogical and Adaptive Emotional Agents. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Bowles, Ron. (April 2013). From Diagnosis to Discernment: Fostering Clinical Judgment of Paramedic Learners in Immersive High Fidelity Simulations. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Wang, Yifei. (December 2012). Designing Immersive Language Learning Environments in Virtual Worlds. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Ramos, Don. (December 2011). The Perceptions of Game Developers Compared to Research on Employment Readiness Regarding Shortcomings in Expertise and Implications for Curriculum Development. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Jahng, Namsook. (December 2010). Examining Collaborative Learning Processes in an Online Course. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Lacroix, Lionel. (May 2010). Learning Mathematics for the Workplace: An Activity Theory Case Study of Pipe Trades Training. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Namita, Yoko. (June 2010). Teachers’ Perceptions of Media Education in Greater Vancouver: Challenges and Possibilities. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Peterson, Jennifer. (2007). Excavating Barbie / Excavating Me: Digital Making (My) Inarticulate Space. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Zhang, Zuochen. (2007). An Investigation of the Preferred learning Practices of Culturally Diverse Students in an Online Distance Education Environment. Ph.D. Dissertation.

Guo, Ruth. (2006). Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy in Teacher Education: A Case Study of the University of British Columbia. Ph.D. Dissertation.

M.A. Theses

Chong, Charlene. (in progress, 2020). Youth, Social Media, and Sex Education. M.A. Thesis.

Wray, David. (in progress, December 2019). Message Me When You Land: Tourism and Hospitality Students’ Distance Relationships with Friends, Family and Devices. M.A. Thesis.

Doucet, S. (October 2018). Redistributing the Teacher: An Analysis of Technology Enabled Teaching in Medical Education. M.A. Thesis (STS).

Chris-Iwuru, Kesiena. (January 2017). Youth Perspectives on Cyberbullying and Social Media Platforms: Teen Agency, Interactivity, and Social Cognition. M.A. Thesis.

Liu, Lesley. (Nov. 2016). Tweens, Teens, and Digital Texts: Designing Affinity Spaces to Understand Cyberbullying. M.A. Thesis.

Halim, Peter. (May, 2013). Video Gaming in the Classroom: Insights and Ideas from Teenage Students. M.A. Thesis.

Reid, Morgan. (2010). Exploratory Research into Environmental Education and Digital Media Production: A Subject/ive Mosaic. M.A. Thesis.

Pillay, Sharmila. (2010). Sequencing Instruction in Chemistry: Simulation or Traditional First? M.A. Thesis.

Sangha, Manjeet. (2008). Negotiation(s) of Identity through Online Social Networking and Implications for Educating Youth. M.A. Thesis.

Gutica, Mirela. (2008). Emotional Design: An Investigation into Designers’ Perceptions of Incorporating Emotion into Software. M.A. Thesis.

Wang, Yifei. (2008). Designing Chatbot Interfaces for Language Learning: Ethnographic Research into Affect and Users’ Experiences. M.A. Thesis.

Arntzen, Jennifer. (2007). Mentoring and Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Education: Synthesizing Research Literature and Research Practice. M.A. Thesis.

Brennan, Karen. (2007). Building A Community Of (New Media) Practice: Sharing Learning Stories From A Videoblogging Collective. M.A. Thesis.

Brown, Rory. (2007). Building the Prospector Canoe: Narrative Inquiry in a Life of Craft. M.A. Thesis.

Hall, Lauren. (2007). Relationality, Hybridity, Awareness: Being with AIBO. M.A. Thesis.

Ip, Chung Y. (2007). An Analysis Of Gender And Performance For Students Writing The British Columbia Grade 12 Provincial Exams. M.A. Thesis.

Park, HyeRan. (2006). Investigating the Effect of Computer-Assisted Science Instruction on Korean Middle School Boys and Girls’ Achievement, Attitudes and Career Aspirations. M.A. Thesis

M.Ed. Graduating Theses or Projects (Selected)

Forde, Kieran. (2019). Regulation of Teacher Professionalism and Social Media: An Analysis of Disciplinary Outcomes and Teacher Candidates’ Self-Regulation in British Columbia (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Marchisoni, Lilian. (2019). Designing an Online Course: 21st CL for L2 Educators (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Bourne, Carrie. (2017). FreshGrade: Providing Accessible Assessment & Making Learning Visible (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Braich, Iren. (2017). Educational Blogging: Creating Content to Facilitate Collaborative Learning and Student Engagement while Promoting Digital Literacy (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Chahal, Joti. (2017). Google Docs: Incorporating The Multi-Faceted Communication Habits of Generation Z into Traditional Classrooms (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Cobleigh, Kaitlin. (2017). Integrating a Digital Writing Model in a Primary French Immersion Classroom (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Cowin, Angela. (2017). That’s so Flipped! Using apprentissage hybride in the French Language Classroom (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Desrochers, Sharissa. (2017). The not so Secret Diary of a Risky Teacher: Teacher Identity in a World of Makers and Makerspaces(Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Evans, Robyn. (2017). Increasing Access by Design: A Case Study of Genrefication in an Elementary School Library(Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

John, Sheela. (2017). Developing Creative Thinkers: Inquiry Based Learning With Scratch (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Kwok, Simon. (2017). Starting from Scratch: Using Scratch as a Montessori Material to Develop Digital Literacy (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Mathis, Jennifer. (2017). Making Thinking Conscious: An Exploration of how Learning to Code Supports Students in Building Metacognitive Skills (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Millway, Todd. (2017). Making a Difference: Developing creativity, collaboration, and problem Solving skills in a classroom Makerspace (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Nagra, Cherie. (2017). Tribes 2.0: Integrating Cooperative Learning Strategies to Enhance m-Learning in the Secondary Classroom (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Ritchie, Peter. (2017). Bridging the Gap Between the Classroom and Home Using FreshGrade (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Salvas, Olivier. (2017). Rebel With a Cause (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Sandhu, Davinder. (2017). Supporting Students with High Social and Emotional Needs Learning English as an Additional Language (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Scott, Belinda. (2017). To Infinity and Beyond: Engaging Students Through Media and Technology (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Senaratne, Renuka. (2017). What Are Best Practices for Using iPads to Encourage and Support Writing in a Primary Classroom?(Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Walker, Amy. (2017). iAssess: Using Ipads to Document and Assess Student Learning (Unpublished M.Ed. Graduating Thesis). University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA.

Bell, Carolyn. (2014). Teaching to build classroom community: A look at one classroom’s transformations using 21st century learning skills and digital technology. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Boucher, Robert. (2014). At-risk youth 2.0. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Chan, Alfred. (2014). Developing digital literacy through peer-to-peer and collaborative learning. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis

Cheng, Leo. (2014). Heads or Tails: Successes and Challenges of Implementing a Flipped Classroom in Senior Mathematics. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Fung, Anita. (2014). The blended learning recipe: Student engagement, motivation, and community. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Hodak, Alicia. (2014). Student engagement in the 21st century: Implementing a class website, blog and e-portfolios. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Irshad, Arsala. (2014). Blended learning 2.0: Integrating SNS with interactive multimedia & apps for 21st century learning. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Keogh, Nicole. (2014) Enhancing the language arts classroom community through interactive technologies and 21st century learning. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Knight, John. (2014). Promoting student engagement through a virtual learning environment: Student blogging and connections to curriculum. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Mann, Marian. (2014). Connecting a classroom community: Motivating learners to communicate and construct knowledge through the use of technology. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Martin, Sean. (2014). Using a mentor-protégé relationship to help motivate colleagues to use digital technologies in the classroom. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Mergens, Jolene. (2014). Enhancing student engagement by blending content with inquiry and interactive technology. M.Ed Graduating Thesis.

Ng, Christina. (2014). Blended Learning in the Classroom: Incorporating a Web-Based Curriculum and Emerging Technologies to Enhance English Second Language Learning and Experiences. M.Ed Graduating Thesis.

Phillips, Christopher. (2014). Incorporating Web 2.0 Technologies in the Elementary Classroom: A Means to Develop 21st Century Skills and Enhance Student Engagement. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Rowe, Jessica. (2014). Online literature circles: A platform for engagement & collaboration. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Schofield, Bryan. (2014). SOLE projects in a grade four classroom: A self-regulated inquiry-based technological approach to learning. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Soo, Elginn. (2014). Self-Regulation: Fighting the Temptation of Being Distracted by Technology While Using Technology for Learning. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Wood, Murray. (2014). Digital and media literacy through the virtual in 21st century learning. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis

Yager, Jennifer. (2014). Using Technology to Foster Social Emotional Development within a Holistic Education. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Airey, Robert. (2012). Using Technology to Track and Demonstrate Understanding of Learning Outcomes in a Junior Science Classroom. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Chong, Genevieve. (2012). IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in Education. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Connolly, Karm R. (2012). Integrating technology in a primary classroom: using and evaluating an interactive whiteboard and a classroom website. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Daum, Christopher. (2012). Buddy Blogging: Building Mentoring Partnerships Online. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

De Oliveira, Liliane. (2012). Building Student Engagement in the Language Classroom Through the Use of Interactive Technology. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

DeGagne, Deirdre. (2012). Using Technology To Support Student Centered Learning and Empowering Teachers To Become Self-Directed Learners In The Use of Technology. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Dhaliwal, Harpal. (2012). Computer Based Learning in a Science Classroom: Investigating Online Activities, Virtual Labs, and Online Communication. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Gibbs, Erin. (2012). Using Moodle in the Elementary Years: Active Learning in a Hybrid Environment. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Goulet, Lorna. (2012). My Journey Using Online Communication in the Classroom. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Kaboli, Arash. (2012). Blogging Blues: A Teacher-On-Call’s Attempted to Implement a Classroom Blog. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Kishi, Neil. (2012). The DVD Yearbook: Enhancing Learning Using Computer Technology. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Lai, Sara. (2012). The Buddy Blogging Project: E-mentoring in an On-line Environment (A Primary Perspective). M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Lim, Shelagh. (2012). Apps & Crapps: Critically Evaluating the Effective Use of iPad Apps. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Luteijn, Nadine. (2012). From Collecting Dust to Its Effective Use: One Educator’s Quest to Meaningfully Use an Interactive Whiteboard and Its Supporting Software. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Meville, Jeffrey. (2012). Using a Class Website to Jumpstart 21st Century Learning Principles. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Mirani, Akhtar Raza. (2012). From Paper to Practice – A Hands-On Approach to Technology Integration for the Purpose of Student Engagement. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Noren, Deborah. (2012). Student-Based Interactive Learning Using Technology. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Opp, Michael. (2012). Yearbook and Digital Photography – “Capturing a School’s Culture. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Wilander, George. (2012). Academic Engagement of Alternate Students Using a Hybrid Model of Education. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Wrinch, Trevor. (2012). Student Blogging: A Reflection of Student and Teacher Learning. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Yang, Christopher J. (2012). The Flipped Classroom: A Technology Enabled Paradigm Shift. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

You, Liang. (2012). Education in iPad or “Education” of iPad? An Analysis of iPad’s Educational Development and Marketing Strategies. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Teja, Fareed. (2010). Implementation – World Virtual School Project. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Wen, Bonnie. (2008). A Literature Review of the Use of Tool(s) as a Representation of ICT in the Academy. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Maltonado, Pamela. (2008). Online Environmental Education Module: MAE School Project. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

Chan, Anna. (2007). Sustainable Business Technology Education. M.Ed. Graduating Thesis.

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