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Coming Event! Celebrating innovation in teaching: Applying scholarship to improve practice

Are you designing a new course? Ready to redesign an existing course? Why not use the scholarship of teaching and learning to inform your design process? Hear our panelists share the different ways they have applied scholarship in their courses, ranging from the broad course design level (Dr. Rawn), to using a flipped classroom model during course delivery (Dr. Sens), to improving the efficacy of feedback on student written work (Dr. Rea). We hope you will leave this session energized to engage in scholarly teaching.


Dr. Catherine Rawn (Instructor, Psychology)
Dr. Allen Sens (Professor of Teaching, Political Science)
Dr. Jaclyn Rea (Instructor, Arts Studies in Research and Writing)

Join us on Thursday 24 October 2013, 12:30-2pm, in Buchanan B208.

Brought to you by the Instructor Network.