Professional Development

Have an interesting professional development opportunity you would like to share with others? Put it in a comment, below!

Instructor Network

Our group offers professional development events and workshops fairly regularly; please see the “events” tab at the top of this page for upcoming and past events.


The Instructor Network has a mentoring program that pairs new faculty in the Educational Leadership stream, or those going up for tenure and promotion, with faculty who have more experience. Please contact the mentorship coordinators of our group to volunteer to be a mentor, or to request a mentor (see the “About” page of this site for the current mentorship coordinators and their contact information).


UBC opportunities

Teaching and Learning Workshops (UBC-V and UBC-O)

The Centres for Teaching and Learning at both campuses run a variety of workshops each year.

You can see upcoming workshops and events at UBC-O through the CTL newsletter and events listings, both accessible here:

For UBC-V, there are quite a few events listed under the Events page, so it might be easier to do one or both of the following:

  • Register for the UBC-V CTLT events newsletter (once a month): see here to subscribe (also a link on the Events page linked above)
  • Go to the “Faculty Programs” page of the UBC-V CTLT site to focus in on specific areas you’re interested in

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Did you know that UBC has an Institute for SoTL, ISoTL? See here:

Among the resources offered by UBC ISoTL are:

Certificate Program: The Scholarship of Educational Leadership (UBC-V)

The Faculty of Education at UBC-V offers an 8-month long certificate program in the Scholarship of Educational Leadership, which several faculty in the educational leadership stream have participated in. Applications are accepted each year around April. Most participants are nominated by their UBC Faculty, who pays the fees for the program. See here for more information:

CTLT Associates (UBC-V)

UBC-V’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology has started a new program called CTLT Faculty Associates, that allows faculty to work with CTLT staff and together with other faculty in a cohort to develop and carry out a project of value to a department or program. Please see here for more information:

Extended workshops at UBC-V CTLT

The UBC-V Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology has a number of extended workshops in addition to the shorter ones offered throughout the year.

  • Instructional Skills Workshops (3 days)
    • From the above website: “In a supportive atmosphere, you will have a chance to try new teaching approaches and to sharpen existing skills. During the workshop, you will design and conduct three “mini-lessons” and receive verbal, written, and video feedback from your peers. In addition, you will reflect on your own teaching practices.”
  • Course Design Intensive (3 days)
    • From the above website: “An intensive three days in a supportive atmosphere, working both individually and collaboratively, to design or re-design a course that you teach or are planning to teach.”
  • Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment (several weeks)
    • From the above website: ” immersive blended course aimed at instructors who are already teaching in the classroom and are considering moving to a blended environment. Participants will have an orientation to blended learning, an opportunity to redesign a module from a current course, and a chance to collaborate with others and gain authentic experience with the blended learning environment.”


Journals & Conferences

This page from York University has some of the more popular Canadian and international conferences on teaching and learning.

The following are directories of teaching journals and conferences maintained by Thomas Pusateri at Kennesaw State University in the U.S. You can search by city, country, and topic. If there is a journal or conference you would like to add to them, you can contact Thomas to have him update the site.

Teaching journals directory:

Teaching conferences directory:



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