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Preparing your dossier panel & workshop

Instructor Network Leadership Team (InLET) Presents:

Professional Development Event ~ Preparing Your Tenure & Promotion Dossier

Thursday April 20, 2017, 9.30-11.30am

UBCV Campus Rm 3074 Orchard Commons

UBCO Campus Rm SCI 331



The InLET is very pleased to be offering this workshop to help instructor/educational leadership stream faculty gain insight into the process of developing a thorough and concise dossier for promotion purposes. The speakers will focus on how we navigate the different departmental demands as there is no university standard. The various ‘Table of Contents’ used by the speakers will be addressed as well as the areas that provided the most challenge. The session will end with breakout groups where attendees will have the opportunity to discuss a problematic section of their dossier, while the speakers shadow the discussion.

Agenda and Speakers:

  •      Welcome and Introduction – 5 mins
  •      Dr. Harry Hubball – 20 mins
  •      Panel of dossier experiences and examples – 45 mins

○      Dr. Christina Hendricks

○      Dr. Steve Wolfman

○      Dr. Jackie Rea

  •      Q and A – 20 minutes
  •      Workshop  – 30 mins – A chance to share an issue you are struggling with in your dossier in a group context. The speakers will shadow the groups and offer some guidance.


Dr. Harry Hubball

Professor & National Teaching Fellow, Canada

Chair, Academic Program Director: International Program for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Faculty of Education
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy

Dr. Hubball will present on the scholarship of educational leadership, the dossier process and content, and putting it together.  His introduction will be followed by the panel of speakers, indicated below, who will share their dossier experiences and products.  The workshop will finish with a question and answer period and opportunity to discuss ideas and challenges of your dossiers.

Dr. Christina Hendricks

Professor of Teaching, Department of Philosophy
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Dr. Steve Wolfman

Professor of Teaching, Department of Computer Science
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Dr. Jackie Rea

Senior Instructor, Arts Studies in Research and Writing (ASRW) and Vantage College
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Resources from the session

We were not able to record this session, but we do have some resources to share.


Jackie Rea showed slides with some suggestions, which you can see in PDF format here: Rea Dossier Presentation (PDF)

Harry Hubball shared his slides from the session, which are about the Scholarship of Educational Leadership Certificate Program at UBC: Hubball SoEL slides for dossier workshop (PDF)


Online Portfolios

Steve Wolfman shared his online portfolio materials, which you can see here along with his speaking notes for the day:

Christina Hendricks shared her online portfolio, which you can see here:  This is the portfolio as it looked when she submitted it for promotion to Professor of Teaching; this version has not been updated since then. A somewhat more updated portfolio can be found here:


Other Resources

Here is some information on work that Simon Bates (Academic Director, CTLT) has been doing around trying to clarify “Educational Leadership” and how we might give evidence of impact:

The following are draft documents about the ongoing process to try to develop a Teaching and Learning Impact Framework. These are not finalized; they will be altered in the future. Please see the above link for final versions when they are ready.