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Instructor Network Vision Statement

The Instructor Network is a community of Instructors, Senior Instructors, and Professors of Teaching at the University of British Columbia committed to the

  • celebration of educational leadership, innovation and excellence in teaching and learning
  • sharing of information, resources, expertise, and ideas within the university community and beyond
  • support and promotion of the Educational Leadership stream

Activities in Pursuit of Vision

The Instructor Network Leadership Team (INLeT) is made up of Instructors, Senior Instructors, and Professors of Teaching at UBC committed to

  • promote the exchange of teaching and learning practices across the university and beyond
  • facilitate mentorship among colleagues
  • host events that showcase teaching and learning, and foster professional development and engagement with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Structure of the Instructor Network Leadership Team (INLeT)

Please see the Instructor Network Terms of Reference for descriptions of these roles.

All Leadership Team members are expected to attend and support events as much as possible, as well as perform the duties outlined for their role below.


Catherine Rawn (Co-Founder of INLeT; Senior Instructor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, cdrawn@psych.ubc.ca)

Deputy Chair, Faculty Association and Faculty Relations Liaison:

Jason Lieblang (Instructor, Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, Faculty of Arts, jason.lieblang@ubc.ca)  

Mentorship Coordinator:

Silvia Bartolic (Instructor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, bartolic@mail.ubc.ca)

Joss Ives (Instructor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Science, joss@phas.ubc.ca)

Educational Leadership Events Coordinator:

Sunaina Assanand (Co-Founder of INLeT; Associate Dean – Student Success, Faculty of Arts; Senior Instructor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, sunaina.assanand@ubc.ca)

Siobhán McPhee (Instructor, Department of Geography and UBC Vantage One Program, Faculty of Arts, siobhan.mcphee@geog.ubc.ca)

Communications and Membership Coordinator:

Jonathan Verrett (Instructor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science, jonathan.verrett@ubc.ca);

Steven Barnes (Instructor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, sjb@psych.ubc.ca)

Internal and External Professional Development Liaison:

Robert Crawford (Instructor, Department of Political Science and Arts One, Faculty of Arts, robert.crawford@ubc.ca)

Claire (Yu) Yan (Senior Instructor, School of Engineering, UBC-O, yu.yan@ubc.ca)

Representatives from UBC Okanagan Campus:

Sally Willis-Stewart (Senior Instructor, Undergraduate Coordinator, Director Nutrition Education Centre, School of Health and Exercise Sciences, UBC-O, sally.willis-stewart@ubc.ca)

Claire (Yu) Yan (Senior Instructor, School of Engineering, UBC-O, yu.yan@ubc.ca)

What is an Educational Leadership Faculty member at UBC?

At UBC, faculty can be hired in the tenure track in one of two streams. In the Educational Leadership track, tenure is primarily dependent on demonstrating excellence in teaching. Educational Leadership (i.e., contributions beyond one’s course at levels of the department, faculty, institution, or beyond) and service are also important.  Once tenure is awarded, Instructor-1s are promoted with the title of Senior Instructor. Demonstrating sustained and outstanding teaching and educational leadership lead to promotion to the rank of Professor of Teaching.

Please consult the following documentation for further information:


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