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This was actually written August 21, 2008


Okay, so I now officially know two things about UBC, which is a big improvement on absolutely nothing which is what I knew three days ago.

1. The booklist is totally not released when they say it will be. I hope it is released sometime this semester, or I might have a bit of difficulty on my finals.


2. is a great way to find out if you will be spending a couple hours a week with a brilliant professor, or an evil goat in a tweed suit. Apparently, the luck that I thought had abandoned me as a child seems to have made a surprise reappearance this year and my timetable has no evil goats in sight. In fact, all my professors have great reviews.

Actually I have just had one more revelation. It is really, really hard to concentrate on writing when Family Guy is playing in the background.

“The only reason we die, is that we accept it… as an inevitability.” Ha ha, oh the vast wisdom of Stewie.

My friends are watching the show behind me and my attention keeps getting drawn backwards. It would be much easier to write this on my own, but this is the last night that one of my best friends is in Canada. Tomorrow, she leaves for China for a year. Another friend just left for Brazil.

It’s so odd that the people I have known for eighteen years are all leaving. For the first time in my life (that I can remember) I have to make all new friends. It won’t be that hard though, right?… right? (Whimper).

I need to go now, I’m going to stay up all night trying to fit a years worth of chatting into one night. Wish me luck.

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