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Bafflement – isn’t that a funny word?

I find it completely baffling that a person can live ten minutes away from one of the biggest cities in Canada, and have absolutely no idea how to get around. So this person… completely hypothetical , of course… spends two and a half hours getting increasingly more lost and motion sick trying to make a journey by public transit that should take about fifty minutes. When I… I mean this purely fictional character… finally gets home, she has missed a family dinner and has destroyed her back toting around two five ton bags of books that she has just purchased. Of course, it isn’t just her back that has suffered from this; her bank account is looking pretty sick too.

And so ends one of the most stressful days of my entire existence. At least I got my books.

At first glance, the UBC bookstore slightly resembles the magical world of Oz. It has not only books, but clothing, gifts, and cool stationary sporting the UBC logo. In reality, the bookstore has a darker side. It will lure you in, keep you staring, hypnotized, at all the clipboards and keychains until the announcement comes on the it is fifteen minutes until closing… and you have found all of one of your textbooks. See? I told you it is insidious.
I think I must have broken several speed records getting my books, but in the end I walked out of the store with 15 books right at closing time.

Now, I have everything I need and I can’t wait for school to start (well, actually I could go for a while longer without having to work, but it’s the Firstweek activities that I am excited for, specifically muggle Quiddich).

Also, check out this website:
It has most tv shows and a lot of movies, all for free! The quality isn’t great and sometimes you have chinese subtitles, but still… FREE!

Thats all for now, adios!

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