Posted by: | 1st Sep, 2008

Check, check, check.

Ok, letter? check. water? check. utterly overwhelming panic? Yup, got it all. Now, I’m ready for Imagine UBC tomorrow.
Actually, the hardest part of getting ready for tomorrow was not getting my supplies, but finding the way to get there. Thank goodness for’s trip planner, because I have never really had to use the Vancouver buses, only the north shore ones.
If you are a commuter, use this website to find your way around: Trip Planning


Hi there! I’m totally nervous for Imagine tomorrow too. I dont think i’ve recovered from Sauder Frosh and will probably doze off in the middle of the Pep Rally tmr.

Which group are you in?

Omg Vancouver buses are NEVER on time >.< I gave up trip planning and instead call the operators when I’m at the bus stop.

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