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Week One = Done

So my first week is now over, here’s how it went:

Tuesday: Imagine a dancing lab rat. Imagine thousands of people waving vaguely suggestive balloons. Imagine hearing loss. Imagine UBC.

The pep rally at Imagine UBC was one of the best events of my life. Everyone is shouting and chanting and generally trying to prove that they are a member of the loudest faculty, because we all know that if you are loud, you are cool. 

“We are loud, we are proud, we are more than half the crowd! Bigger is better! Arts kicks ass!”

That was the world famous faculty of arts cheer. Scream it with a cheery smile and a spanish accent just for kicks.

Wednesday: First day of classes. I spent a grand total of nine hours at UBC and another three commuting. I was an inch away from death when I finally got home. How am I going to last a whole year doing that every monday and wednesday (and a bit less the other three days of the week)? I’m already exhausted and it is only the first week. 

Here is a tip, if you are a commuter, try to schedule at least one day a week off. You are going to need it.

Thursday: I went to the Under the Stars Dance. Unfortunately, there was a limit of how many people could be in the party room, so there was actually more people waiting outside than there was in the room. I guess it was fire regulations or something. Apparently, if there was a fire, there are few enough people in the room that we could all safely make it out the doors… right into the 300 or so people waiting packed together in the room outside where we can all get trampled together.

Oh, and here is some advice for all the guys hovering at the edges of the dancing: Go ahead and ask us to dance, despite what you might think, it is very unlikely that we will say no. 

Friday: What did I do friday? Well, it couldn’t have been good enough to share if I don’t remember.

Saturday: I went to the sorority tours. I would definitely suggest going to the wednesday one if you didn’t go to the saturday one (and if you are a girl, obviously). The sororities are nothing like the stereotypes and I found that it is the easiest way to make some great new friends. This is very important, because even if you have other people from you school coming with you to UBC, you will still feel kind of alone since it is such a massive campus.

Sunday (today): This morning I got to have brunch with all my fellow bloggers, who turn out to be just as nice and amazing as I thought. To any Blog Squad Members reading this: we must do that promotional idea soon, you know the one I mean… Once again, joining a club, or a squad, is a great way to make friends.

I also wrote my very first university paper today. I had no idea how to write one so the feedback I get may very well be… interesting.

And that is my week.


LOL I love how every Arts kid I’ve met has a slightly different version of the Arts cheer 😛

How did your epic essay go? Hope that was good and not too traumatizing!


I was a MUG leader this year, and the reason everyone has 12 different versions of the chant is because (as you could see at the Meet the Dean session), that wasn’t supposed to be our chant. But the MUG leaders got the new chant the same time you did, so none of us knew it in time for the pep rally, and rather than having an uncharacteristically silent Facutly of Arts at the pep rally, some MUG leaders decided to chant the chant they did know.

I am sure you have already heard that story, but.

We need to go buy spandex…

I didn’t think the balloons were suggestive… but then again, you have “bigger and better” in your cheer so I guess… =X haha

And yes, CAAAAAAAAPE is the way to go.

Nice meet you all XD

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