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Learn to Pole Dance With Translink!

Want to build muscle and increase your stamina while meeting loads of new people? Try the Translink pole dancing course for commuter students! Registration is easy and free with your U-Pass, simply board a crowded bus, fail to get a seat, and grab a pole. Within seconds you will be swinging back and forth like a pro. And there is no better way to make new friends than by landing in their lap after a particularly violent jolt. It’s a full body workout suitable for all ages, come and try it today!

Freshman 15? Ya right, I think I get more of a workout taking the bus than I do when I go to the gym. Not to mention walking around all day with a bag the size of a small vehicle on my back. If I am not fit enough to climb Everest by the time this semester is over, I will be very unhappy.

All my classes are going great. Unlike in high school, the professors here seem to actually want to teach. Or at least the ones in the Coordinated Arts program do. The pace is crazy but it’s worth it. The thing that has been the hardest to adjust to is the reading. Not the act of reading itself, but knowing what it is that you are supposed to read for when. It’s not like in high school where they write your homework on the board at the end of class, you need to look ahead and see what you will be doing next class. Sometimes the reading that you do will have nothing at all to do with the material you are covering in class so it can get confusing.

I’m going to part two and three of recruitment for the sororities this weekend, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun, but it takes up so much time that I need to make sure to get my reading done tonight. Also, I should work on my french composition. Actually, I should be doing that right now.

Au revoir mes amis.


Omg I know what you mean about the busses! Lol the poledancing bit totally cracked me up.

It’s such a pain getting on the bus in Richmond and not finding any seats… oh man.

“And there is no better way to make new friends than by landing in their lap after a particularly violent jolt.”

Hahaha oh Vancouver buses.

In Ottawa, when going into Gatineau (in QC) on Saturday nights, the buses would be so crowded that you’d literally be sitting on people and pressed right up against them- literally, people start singing and stuff. you actually know people by the end of the bus ride as it is so awkward otherwise.

Love it!! We should put on a show… 3+ years of practice, I’d like to think of myself as a pro.

Small vehicle = minivan perhaps? It does get extremely difficult to stick to the “carry no more than 15% of your body weight on your back” rule when you’re packing school stuff + comfy stuff + FOOD stuffs. Maybe not Everest, but we should go do the Grouse Grind! đŸ˜‰

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