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UBC – Walt Disney’s Inspiration

Ever wonder where Disney got the idea to make his cartoon animals into little people? Well, wonder no longer! Just come to UBC and you will see that those frighteningly human little animals actually exist. Don’t believe me do you? Well then I suppose you will just have to come see for yourself. Today, a squirrel escorted me to sociology. Last week a pigeon had a hissy fit at me as I entered the sub (student union building).
They walk among us, completely unbothered by the fact that we are inches away from stepping on them. They show no fear, and don’t run away unless you try to pet them, (which is a stupid idea anyway so don’t try it) and let’s be honest, wouldn’t any random stranger do the same thing if you walked up to them on the street and tried to stroke their back?

Maybe they are aliens. All I know is that these are not normal animals.

So, I spent this weekend at the sorority formal recruitment and it was both really fun and completely exhausting. In the end, I got an invitation to Alpha Phi and got to meet all my new sisters. 

Fun Fact: Alpha Phi is technically a women’s fraternity, since it was founded before they came up with the word sorority.

Thats all for now, keep on smiling. I’m going to try to take my camera to school tomorrow so I can post some pictures of the amazing UBC campus. The animals are not the only reason it resembles a Disney movie.


Random but, don’t you think the squirrels look like rats with big bushy tails? I just had to put that out there. They really creep me out.

Yeah speaking of the animals… so far I’ve encountered giant, green bugs, “rats with big busy tails” 😛 , bugs that fly a bit, jump a bit, and… a snake!

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