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Translink Tip #1

Trust me, I know how completely depressing long bus trips can be. Here is one way I found to perk me up.
1. Make a playlist on you i-Pod called “Bus” or something.
2. Put all your most happy, bouncy music on it. (preferably fast music, though some slower songs work too)
3. Press shuffle when you begin your bus ride and turn the volume up.
4. Discretely dance in your seat. ( you can disguise this quite well by making it look like the bus just hit a bump or turned a corner )
5. Be Happy! The trip will go faster.
Also, If you see a crazy girl looking like she is having a seizure on a bus seat, come say hi to me. We can dance together.


Haha that’s awesome! It’s even better when you just play the music out loud and get the whole bus to dance with you (some bus drivers do that once in a blue moon)

I know exactly what you mean about discreetly dancing on the bus 🙂 Although now I’ve progressed to humming and even singing out loud to some of the catchier lines (e.g. American Boy).

*take me on a trip I’d love to see LA…*

I totally have bus-related music.

> ‘Concentration’ songs to drown out bus noise when I’m trying to study/note review
> ‘Lull’ songs to induce a nice comfy nap
> ‘Hype’ songs for an enjoyably seizure-ific ride


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