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Row, row, row your boat… really, really hard!

This has been a week of trying new things. I cannot sing, dance, or steer a voyager canoe. Yet, somehow I ended up doing all of these things this week. I guess university is like teletoon (and by that I mean “never a dull moment” not “overrun with loony toons” though, come to think of it, that might be as good a description as any).
The singing and dancing part came in when I auditioned for songfest, through alpha phi. The paddling and steering part come in today, at Day of the Longboat. Wow, was that ever an event! Our steers person (if that is how you spell it), Miranda, couldn’t make it today, and we had no one who knew how to do it, so I volunteered. Actually, we didn’t do too badly. We had a horrible start (the horn went and we set off… in the wrong direction), but we really started to get the hang of it after. I was very proud of us.
On a not so nice note, October panic has set in a few days early. Suddenly I realize how many papers are due in the next few weeks, and how many midterms I have. This goes so much faster than high school, especially with all the extras like Day of the Longboat. Tomorrow is my first free day since school started, and I am going to spend it frantically trying to write a five page paper worth 20% of my mark, oh dear.
If you want to read more about day of the longboat, check out the other members’ blogs at


I was proud of you guys too! My apologies for being late =( but you guys ROCKED THE BOAT!

Cram cram cram XD

(Btw y’all look gorgeous in that picture)

I swear I was in this picture.

Maybe not 🙁

There was more than one picture and more than one camera, this was just the one that was on mine.

I was just thinking… there’s a slight gender imbalance in this picture =P

It was great times.

Don’t worry about the October panic. If you’re really freaking out there’s always places you can go to:
– vent/fume (Counselling Services in Brock Hall)
– laugh/cry (Norm or Freddy Wood Theatre productions)
– destress (pool, gym, beach, ruuuun)
– or cram cram cram (Writing Centre, AMS Tutoring, TAs, friends {imaginary or otherwise}).

It certainly has hit me. Eeee!

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