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First University Paper Ever

I have officially finished my first university paper ever! I couldn’t believe how difficult it was, mostly because I have never had to write anything that long before. The hardest part was getting motivated enough to start. Here are five things I learned about uni papers.
1. No matter how early you try to start, the majority of the work is done in the two days before the paper is due.
2. MLA is a killer when you have never done it before. How on earth do you cite a royal charter anyway? I’m sure I got that part wrong.
3. The actual writing part is the easy part; the planning is brutal.
4. Chocolate doesn’t make the paper go away.
5. You feel really good when you are finished. Unlike high school homework, you get a real sense of accomplishment when you are done.
Not that this means I want to do another one anytime soon, but I have to. I guess that is what happens when you choose Arts.


Which course was this for? I get an in-class Thursday for Engl120 😡

This was for English 111, its a CAP course. good luck on thursday!

1. Very true.

2. Also true. Have you tried Write-and-Cite? Excellent program. Libraries can give you a tutorial on proper use according to faculty. Just ask a librarian. Makes citations much less painful, and (usually) much more accurate.

3. Agreed. Forming sentences once the thoughts have been is a breeze.

4. But it does make it more fun.

5. Best feeling. Especially if it was an abnormally hard one to get through.

Congrats! =)

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