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Halfway There

Well, we are halfway through the semester and I am beginning to seriously look forward to winter break. I have written two papers this week, the second one finished half an hour before it was due (I know, I know, but in my defense it was only because I forgot to put it in mla format and had to do it at last minute, and my printer was acting up… you know).
Now that it is raining, the commute is even more horrendous. I love living at home, but I am looking at living on campus next year just to avoid the commute. I am sick of being too hot, too crowded, and motion sick for three hours a day. Plus, living on campus I would not feel guilty about keeping my mother up when I am out late. Every time I tell her not to wait up, and every time she does. I guess thats just mothers though.
Thats about all of my rant, university is loads of fun, but crazy exhausting.
P.S. All my classes are fun, but if you are choosing an elective I would recommend Philosophy 100. Trust me, you will never be the same.


Living on campus has pros and cons. On one hand, you get more freedom to explore live on your own, more time on your hands without having to commute, the ability to get more involved…etc. However, other hand, there’s the issue of noise, expenses, time-management…etc. To rez or not to rez? There’s a question Philosophy-100ers can answer! 😛

What do you guys cover is Philosophy 100?

Is it actually interesting? I heard it was mostly a filler-course; I’d consider taking it if it weren’t for that XD

It actually is really interesting. Its also a really good mental exercise, it gets you thinking more than any of my other courses (though they are great too). First semester we are doing ethics, second semester we are doing metaphysics and epistamology (I spelled that wrong. If you dont know what that is… go look it up because I dont know either.) its a great course for anyone, but if you are a bit opinionated, or like to debate, you will really love discussion. that is my favorite part.

Everything that can possibly go wrong to up your stress-meter will tend to happen when things are put off until the last minute. — spoken from ugly academic experiences of years past.

Oh the commute. 4 years later and I’m still at it. The “to rez or not to rez” debate Eastwood mentioned ended in a not for me. More often than not, it would probably be a bad thing for me… Plus I’d miss my mommy too much. Who, by the way, is also of the ‘wait up and worry’ variety.

Plans for winter break that you’re looking forward to at all? How’s your final exam schedule?

I got so lucky with my exam schedule. I only have one exam per day, and I don’t have any before noon. I don’t really have any winter break plans yet except chill and celebrate christmas with my family. Mexico was a possibility, but it was too expensive. Ah well.

doooo it!! live on campus!!!
go wild and if you happened to have a drink or 2…you dont have to have that awkward tipsy convo with said parent 😉

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