Posted by: | 19th Nov, 2008

I can’t write.

(In response to Eastwoods post )

Well, turns out I am one of those first years who can’t write. I thought I could. All my high school teachers told me I could. But if there is one thing I have learned in Coordinated Arts, it’s that I can’t. On a brighter note, it doesn’t really bother me much anymore. 

On to a completely unrelated topic. Does anyone know how to find a good host for a website? I know how to make the website, but not how to get it online. I know that there are a whole bunch of computer geniuses (wait, is that genii?) out there so please help. I would really appreciate it. 🙂

Thats all for now folks; I can’t really procrastinate writing my two papers any longer. Au revoir.


Being on Blogsquad officially exempts you from the “first-years-can’t-write” category 😛

Here’s what I’m using:

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