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The LFS Academic and Engagement Team (LFS ACE Team) is a UBC Peer Program. The  purpose of the team is  to provide support resources that are tailored towards the academic and career development for LFS undergraduate students.  

This year, the team is planning to introduce a new discussion-based event called “Meet & Eat” which will occur once a month during lunchtime.  The purpose of this event is for LFS students who are interested in engaging with their peers, LFS Faculty, and staff to bring their lunches, and share discussion over today’s global issues.  

The event:  

Our first event will be on Wednesday, November 1st from 1 pm – 2 pm [IBLC 191] and our discussion topic will be on Foods of the Future!  This encompasses anything from eating insects, to soylent, to lab grown meat, as well as how these foods might change our diet, and contribute to feeding an ever growing population. 

The request:  

We would like to extend invitations to LFS graduate students whose research is relevant to the theme of “Foods of the Future”.  We encourage you to facilitate the discussion through your own experiences, perspectives, and learning of what “Food of the Future” means to you.   

You would be asked to give a brief ten minute introduction about your area of study and what you envision the food system to be like in the future, whether it be in 30, 50 or 100 years time. Following the introduction we will have a 30 minute group discussion period  where you are welcome to provide more information about your field of study and bring up new topics of interest.  

We would appreciate any graduate students who are interested to be involved as guest speakers, as we believe it would provide a great opportunity for students to learn more about what their future in the food and health industry might hold. If you are interested and available to be a guest speaker, please let us know by Friday, October 26th.  We will follow up with further details at this time. If you are unable to come to this event feel free to extend this invitation to another representative.  

For questions or further details, please contact Emma Rowbotham, LFS Student Engagement Officer at emma.rowbotham@ubc.ca 

Emma Rowbotham  MA
Student Engagement Officer
Faculty of Land and Food Systems | Student Services
The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus
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Phone 604 822 2989 | Fax 604 822 4400
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