It’s that time! Please remember to register for 2019S


Good morning!

As 2019 Summer Session registration is open, please take a few minutes to register for your thesis course (research-based students) or graduate project (professional programs).

Importance of registering

Student status at UBC is created by registering in at least one 3-credit course. The benefits and access points at UBC that are triggered upon registration include:

  • Obtaining a UBCcard
  • Access to the U-Pass (available to link to in mid-August for use starting Sept 1)
  • Assigning scholarships and awards
  • Signing up for a student email address (
  • Access to buildings (for example, authorized access to departments)
  • On-campus housing (Student Housing and Hospitality Services might seek clarification from any student who is eligible, but not registered, about their status before move in date).
  • International Students must be registered, unless on an official Leave of Absence, to comply with IRCC (Study Permit/Visa) regulations. Students who are not able to register, for whatever reason, should contact an international student advisor,, to ensure they are not compromising their status in Canada by not being registered.

Given registration is a pre-requisite to, essentially, be a UBC student, please register before the start of term.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions about registering.


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