LFS Graduate Program Office updates

Because of coronavirus pandemic and social distancing protocols, the LFS Graduate Program Office has suspended all in-person interactions until further notice. If you have any questions regarding graduate studies, please contact either Lia Maria Dragan (lia.maria@ubc.ca) or Mahesh Upadhyaya (mahesh.upadhyaya@ubc.ca) by email. We will try to respond to your email as quickly as possible.

For the next few weeks, graduate students can choose to work from home without any penalty. However, if they decide on their own to come to campus for their research, we suggest that they should discuss this matter with their supervisor.  For their own safety, it is recommended that they should keep their office or laboratory door closed while working and have a friend or colleague present with them to help in case there is an accident. If you have any question in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact Lia or Mahesh by email.

For information on coronavirus (COVID-19) and UBC’s response, laboratory safety, and graduate studies-related matters, please go to the following links:


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