LFS Hiring 2 TA Coordinators (Deadline EXTENDED to Nov 1)


Dear LFS Research Graduate Students,

Are you interested in in enhancing student learning experiences and fostering our faculty’s teaching community? Are you organized. efficient, and able to plan and execute events? Do you possess excellent communication skills?

LFS is looking for up to two TA Coordinators to run the LFS TA Training Program, which seeks to enhance the professional development and community of practice for Teaching Assistants of LFS courses. The position involves evaluating TA needs, coordinating workshops and Orientation, organizing community of practice opportunities for/with LFS TAs, and preparing funding applications. This position is expected to pay the GTA salary for a 96 hour contract over 12 months, to be used at the discretion of the successful candidates. Ideally, the positions will be filled by students who will be in LFS for 2 or more years, to provide continuity for the program.

Interested individuals are encouraged to review the attached document for additional details, and direct questions to the previous TA Training Program Coordinators, Tebogô Leëpile (tebogo.leepile@ubc.ca) or Lennie Cheung (lennie.cheung@ubc.ca).

To apply for the position, please contact Dr. Zhaoming Xu, Associate Dean, Academic (zxu@mail.ubc.ca) by Nov 1, 2021 with the subject line: (TA Training Coordinator Position Application – [First Name, Last Name].

Please Note:  If we are unable to fill the positions this year, professional development and community-building opportunities for TAs will decrease, and we will have to forfeit funding for the program.


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