APBI 398 Research Methods course – Mentors needed


Hi all,

We hope that this note finds you well!

We (Dan Weary, Nina von Keyserlingk, and Joey Krahn) are teaching a course this fall (APBI 398) that aims to give 3rd year undergraduate students some exposure to research methods in aspects of applied biology, with the hope of preparing them for a more intensive research experience in their 4th year.

A requirement for the course is that students volunteer on a research project for a minimum of 20 hours (the specifics can be decided depending upon the needs of the mentor and mentee).

This is a great opportunity to have a student assist you with an aspect of your project – it does not necessarily mean they need to have their own experiment.

We’d be very grateful if you’d be willing to help mentor one or more students. Students who took the course last year really enjoyed this experience, and developed skills and interests that better prepared them to become thesis or directed studies students the following year.

Over the next few weeks students might be contacting you about opportunities – we do hope you will be willing to speak with students from this course that contact you. We would be grateful if you could send us a short summary of your projects. We are also hoping that you might be willing to give a 5-minute talk about your work to the class on Monday, September 12th at about 3:45 pm. Let us know if you would be available for this!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Joey (joey.krahn@ubc.ca)!


Dan, Nina, and Joey


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