FNH Graduate seminar series — invite for all LFS grad students


We’re looking forward to two guest presentations on Wed, Oct 14th (4:00pm livestream).


Topic 1: “Cellular Agriculture: An Introduction”

Speakers: Gilonne d’Origny (Center for Progressive Reform) and Tim Geistlinger (Perfect Day Foods)

(see biographies for Gilonne and Tim, attached)

Speaker biographies – Gilonne & Tim

Topic 2: “Innovation UBC & e@UBC information session”
Speakers: Andrea Lloyd, Sahan Ranamukha

We are fortunate to have all of these guest presentations for our combined FOOD and HUNU meeting — please allow for the seminar to go a bit longer (e.g., 4-5:30 pm).


Zoom link:


Meeting ID: 635 7176 7672
Passcode: 754652


Dr. Derek R. Dee  PhD
Assistant Professor
Land and Food Systems | Food Science Group
The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus
Office 240 2205 East Mall | Vancouver BC | V6T 1Z4 Canada
| Phone 604 822 4489
derek.dee @ubc.ca


Competition Announcement: Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s and CGS-M Competitions


Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s and CGS-M Competitions

Please let me know about your intention of applying by Nov 15, 2020



UBC Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s

The UBC Affiliated Fellowships Master’s competition runs in concert with the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS-M; see below) competition. Approximately 50 fellowship with values ranging from $175 to $16,000 are offered through this competition. Current and prospective full-time UBC-Vancouver graduate students can apply regardless of citizenship or visa status. Students who are eligible for the CGS-M must submit a CGS-M application in order to additionally be considered for Affiliated funding.

Detailed Affiliated Fellowships-Master competition information with links to application and reference forms is available at:

Tri-Agency Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS-M)

Applicants for Tri-Agency CGS-M competition must be domestic students (Canadian citizen or PR) who are applying for or enrolled in graduate studies anywhere in Canada. Each applicant can select up to 3 universities with the same application. To be considered for a CGS-M at UBC, they must select The University of British Columbia as one of the 3 available institutions.

Details about this award opportunity, including eligibility and evaluation criteria, are available at:

and on the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate Studies at:

Students who apply for CGS-M awards will automatically be considered for open/un-restricted Affiliated Fellowships. To be considered for criteria-based Affiliated Fellowships, students should fill out and submit to their graduate programs the checklist available at:

UBC Deadlines for the Tri-Agency CGS-M / Affiliated Fellowships Master’s Competitions

Applicant deadline: 5:00 pm PST on Tuesday, 1 December 2020
Graduate program nomination deadline:  4:00 pm PST on Friday, 29 January 2021

Important notes:

  • Importance of the application deadline. CGS-M applications cannot be submitted or edited after the application deadline.  Late applications will be ruled ineligible.  The CGS-M application deadline is set nationally by the CGS-M funding agency and is not flexible.
  • Please ask for reference letters early and send the instructions to your referees


  • Check early if you have all of the official transcripts for all previous studies (including transfer credits).
  • Note that although the SISC academic history document is accepted for UBC CGS-M applications, it may not be accepted by other universities in Canada, so students applying elsewhere in addition to UBC should order official UBC transcripts.

It would help us greatly if applicants used the same email in their CGS-M Research Portal login as in eVision or SIS. This is absolutely not a requirement, but it helps route the applications to correct programs quicker after the application deadline.

Kind regards,

Lia Maria

Lia Maria DRAGAN (She, Her, Hers)

Admissions & Administrative Coordinator
Faculty of Land and Food Systems

University of British Columbia / Vancouver Campus /Musqueam Traditional Territory
#291 – 2357 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4
Tel.: (604) 822-8373


Invitation: Marking, Assessment and Feedback Workshop: October 15th (10:00am-12:00pm)


Hi LFS Teaching Assistant,  

We hope you are doing great and that the term is going well. As part of the faculty’s on-going support for your development, mark your calendars for this upcoming event: 

Marking, Assessment and Feedback Workshop  

Are you preparing for midterms, assignments or end of term exams? We are inviting you to a Marking, Assessment and Feedback Workshop to help support you in 

i) providing consistent, fair, and constructive feedback to your learners. During the session participants will also 

ii) practice providing constructive and positive feedback to learners.  

Below are the event details 


WHEN: 15th October 2020

TIME: 10:00 AM-12:00PM

WHERE: Virtual ( a link will be provided at a later date)


Please RSVP here: https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eS81Dpxs910cKqN

Best Regards,


Lennie and Tebby 

TA Training Program Coordinators 

2021/22 Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) – Call for Applications (Deadline: NOVEMBER 10)


We are pleased to advise you that the 2021/22 Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) is now open for applications. The NSTP supports student research in the North by supplying supplementary funds to offset the additional costs of Northern research.

Before completing the application, students and supervisors must read the Program Manual. Answers to common questions can also be found in the “Frequently Asked Questions” document.

Successful NSTP applications typically receive $1,500 to $3,000 per student. These funds are to be supplementary to the total cost of the research, and can only be used for logistical costs and some translator/interpreter fees. They cannot be used to fund field assistants, field schools or to purchase equipment. This must be clearly indicated in the application. Consult the program manual for complete funding and student eligibility guidelines.

Application forms must be completed online at: https://nstp-pfsn.smapply.io/. Once a student has completed the online application, it must be released to the supervising professor for approval. Once the professor has approved the application, it is then released to the Chair of the UBC Polar and Alpine Committee, Dr. Greg Henry. In addition to submitting online, please email a PDF copy of the application form (after approval by the supervisor) and a completed and signed UBC Research Project Information Form to Yvonne Ng at the UBC Office of Research Services (Yvonne.Ng@ors.ubc.ca). Questions can be directed to Dr. Henry (Greg.Henry@ubc.ca).

Students who received support from NSTP this past year must complete a Research Report online at the same link as the application. As with the application, the student must release the Report to the supervisor who then completes the section on the relevance of the training.

NOTE: Students who received funding through the NSTP last year but have delayed the project due to COVID-19 must still submit a preliminary report by the deadline stated below. They are also still eligible to submit an application to the current year competition. The application must demonstrate that the second trip will apply to the next year of study (e.g. Postponed fieldwork for MSc 1st year and new application for MSc 2nd year). The description in the new application must demonstrate a continuation of the project and cannot be identical to the previous year’s. The two trips can be done separately but could also be done one after the other.

The sponsor deadline for submitting Applications on the NSTP portal is Tuesday, November 10, 2020 (also email PDF copy to Yvonne.Ng@ors.ubc.ca).

The sponsor deadline for submitting Reports on the NSTP portal (including supervisor comments) is Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

(This announcement can also be found on the ORS website: https://ors.ubc.ca/announcement/202122-northern-scientific-training-program-call-applications. Please distribute.)

1- NSTP Information Manual 2021-2022

3- FAQ 2021





Carolyn De Melo

Research Manager

Office of Research Services (ORS) I Vice-President Research & Innovation

The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus | Musqueam Traditional Territory

Suite 102-6190 Agronomy Road | Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z3

Phone 604 822 5117 | email Carolyn.DeMelo@ors.ubc.ca



UCGF 2020: Abstract submission is now open!


We are pleased to inform you that Abstract submission for the Virtual UCGF 2020 is now open!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, UCGF 2020 will be held fully virtual on December 10-11, hosted by Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It takes the theme of “Resilient Food and Agricultural System for Accelerating Economic Recovery: Strategy and Implementation”. Sub-theme includes:

  1. Sustainable production system
  2. Logistics and value chain
  3. Sustainable agribusiness
  4. Agro-industry 4.0
  5. Institutions and society

UC members are invited to nominate their graduate students (Master or Doctoral) to submit extended abstracts. A maximum of five students per university (ideally one per sub-theme) will be accepted to present their research through oral-video presentation. We would appreciate it if you could send us the list of your nominated students separately prior to having them submit their extended abstracts so that only nominated students could be acknowledged for UC support. Abstract submission is until 20 November 2020 only.

More information, including abstract template and link to abstract submission system, is available at ucgf.faperta.ugm.ac.id.

We look forward to hosting you at the Virtual UCGF 2020.


on behalf of the UCGF 2020 Organizing Committee and UGM

Maria Cristeta N. Cuaresma

Program Head

Education and Collective Learning Department (ECLD)

Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)

College, Los Baños, Laguna 4031, Philippines

T: +63 49 536 2290; 554 9330 to 39 (local 2200) (Laguna);

+63 2  8657 1300 to 1302 (local 2200) (Manila);

F: + 63 49 536 4153
URL: www.searca.org