Thesis Defense – Food Science – MSc – Yuran Zhang



The Oral Examination for the Degree of

Master of Science
(Food Science)

Yuran Zhang

Morphology, Formation Kinetics and Core Composition of Pea and Soy 7S and 11S Globulin Amyloid Fibrils “

Monday, December 5th, 2022 – 11:30 AM

350, HR MacMillan Building, 2357 Main Mall


Chair: Dr. D. Kitts

Supervisory Committee:
Dr. D. Dee – Supervisor
Dr. R. Yada – Committee member
Dr. J. Gsponer – Committee member

Defense Committee Composition
Dr. D. Dee – Supervisor
Dr. R. Yada – Committee member
Dr. S. Castellarin – External

Update regarding transcript requirements for CGSM and Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s applications


Update regarding transcript requirements for CGSM and Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s – unofficial transcripts are acceptable

Please note that official transcripts are now preferred, but not required, for CGSM and Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s applications.

CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC have indicated that, due to COVID-19, unofficial transcripts will be accepted in cases where CGSM applicants were not able to obtain an official transcript in time for the deadline.  If an applicant is providing an unofficial transcript, it must still be authentic, complete and up to date.

As the Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s application is closely modelled after the CGSM award application, unofficial transcripts are now also permitted for the Affiliated application.

The UBC CGSM and Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s webpages have been updated to reflect this new information.

Reminder: Competition Announcement: Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s and CGS-M Competitions


Please notify us about your intention of applying by our Internal deadline – Nov 15, 2022

UBC Affiliated Fellowships-Master’s

The UBC Affiliated Fellowships Master’s competition runs in concert with the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS-M; see below) competition. Approximately 50 fellowship with values ranging from $175 to $16,000 are offered through this competition. Current and prospective full-time UBC-Vancouver graduate students can apply. Students who are eligible for the CGS-M must submit a CGS-M application in order to additionally be considered for Affiliated funding.

Detailed Affiliated Fellowships-Master competition information with links to application and reference forms is available at:

Tri-Agency Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS-M)

Applicants for Tri-Agency CGS-M competition must be domestic students (Canadian citizen or PR) who are applying for or enrolled in graduate studies anywhere in Canada. Each applicant can select up to 3 universities with the same application. To be considered for a CGS-M at UBC, they must select The University of British Columbia as one of the 3 available institutions.

Details about this award opportunity, including eligibility and evaluation criteria, are available at and our site at:

Students who apply for CGS-M awards will automatically be considered for open/un-restricted Affiliated Fellowships. To be additionally considered for criteria-based/restricted Affiliated Fellowships, students should fill out and submit to their graduate programs the checklist available at

Deadlines for the Tri-Agency CGS-M / Affiliated Fellowships Master’s Competitions

  • Applicant deadline: 1 December 2022 before 5:00 pm PT
  • Graduate program nomination deadline:  25 January 2023 at 4:00 pm PT

NEW!  Indigenous Scholars Awards and Supplements Pilot Initiative (NSERC and SSHRC)
The Indigenous Scholars Awards and Supplements Pilot Initiative consist of a one-year, non-renewable supplement valued at $5,000 for all meritorious Indigenous CGS M applicants and a one-year, non-renewable award valued at $17,500 for all alternate candidates, subject to the limit of available funding. If you self-identify as Indigenous you are eligible to apply for this initiative.  Note: CIHR is not participating in this initiative.  For more information, see the Tri-Agency’s pilot initiative webpage.


  • Please apply by the deadline – make sure you meet/exceed the requirements; check the eligibility before submitting the application
  • CGS-M applications cannot be submitted or edited after the application deadline.  Late applications will be ruled ineligible.  The CGS-M application deadline is set nationally by the CGS-M funding agency and is not flexible.
  • Ask for reference letters early and send the instructions to your referees:
  • Check early with our office if you have all of your official transcripts for all previous studies (including transfer credits).  Transcript guidance for applicants is outlined on the CGS-M webpage.
  • Note that although the SISC academic history document is accepted for UBC CGS-M applications, it may not be accepted by other universities in Canada, so students applying elsewhere for the CGSM in addition to UBC should order official UBC transcripts.
  • It would help us greatly if applicants used the same email in their CGS-M Research Portal login as in eVision or SIS. This is absolutely not a requirement, but it helps match the applications to correct programs quicker after the application deadline.

REMINDER: International Trainee Symposium in Agri-Food, Nutrition and Health – CCARM’s Rapid Fire Research Symposium 2023 – FREE REGISTRATION!


Hello everyone,


Please note that the registration for the International Trainee Symposium in Agri-Food, Nutrition and Health – CCARM’s Rapid Fire Research Symposium is now open, IT’S FREE AND EVERYONE IS WELCOME!


The Symposium organized by Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine (CCARM) will occur January 19-20, 2023. 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM CST. This symposium comes at a time when there is a tremendous public interest in utilizing food to achieve health benefits, beyond just providing basic nutritional requirements.  The need for new information in this area is high, and it is, therefore, our pleasure to provide scientific sessions that will highlight the progress in this field.

Another major component of this meeting is education.  The promotion of trainees is critical to developing the next generation of investigators, and there is a strong need to develop greater capacity in this area.  Furthermore, this symposium is an opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to showcase their research and achievements and provide them with the opportunity to network and engage in discussions with other researchers and trainees in their field.

Register here before December 15, 2022.


Abstracts for oral presentation to be submitted here before November 15, 2022.


For more information, please contact Julie Schoffner at


Thank you for your support,


Dr. Thomas Netticadan

Team Leader, Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine

Team Leader, Agri-Food and Food Security, Morden Research and Development Centre