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RE: Limiting Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Here is the link to my comment on Adelle Tepper’s socially relevant and interesting article on the government limiting caffeine in energy drinks.

My further analysis on the subject includes my emphasis in my comment about the long term effects. Being a young indivdual that is constantly exposed to new technology, it is sometimes important to take a step back and think about how this type of product may affect our body or health in the long term. For example, the long term effects of birth control are somewhat unknown. Another example is the recent but premature findings that link cell phone use with disruption of brain processes and causes of some types of cancer. These are all technologies that have become prominent in this generation or the one previous.

Adelle’s linked article about caffeine drinks is another example of this. I think the affect on producers is too minimal to take it into account when potential health risks are far greater.

Another student commented saying that these efforts are futile considering that a person can obtain caffeine pills easily. However for a younger demographic such as the 8-14 age group that are consuming these drinks, without any care or knowledge to their affects, I consider the effort to be well worth while.

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