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iPhone 4S: brought to you by the rumors around iPhone 5

So, when i clickled safari and my browser window opened reavealing the sleek design of my iPhone with an S tacked on the end, I was ultimately relieved. For weeks I had been grumpy about that fact that the new iPhone 5 was about to make my cutting edge piece of technolog obsolete. However when I opened that window and saw my own phone, the features such as Siri did not matter because when someone looks at a new iPhone 4S quickly they will not know the difference bettween it or mine.

Because these are my personal rants, let’s look at how does this affects the consumer.\

A business blog suggested that there will always be the people who drive straight to their service provider on the day of a new realease, ordering a new phone and ending their current contracts no matter what the cost. However, for a majority of consumers, is this phone enough to make them spend all of the leftovers from their paycheck on a device that will be completely re done in a year? Most likely not.

Apple, knowing this, would have examined this in the marketing strategy for this product. Reaching out to consumers that may not already have them instead of repeat customers who are less willing to splurge on lavish products similar to the ones they already have.

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