Rooming Houses in the DTES of Vancouver

I was reading an article called “Vancouver hotels that house the poor to get $144 million in renovations” and I wanted to know where the properties are located… So I made the following map using Google Fusion Tables. This is a great free way to geocode and display any address information with only a few basic steps. If you have some address data you want mapped, contact me for some tips on using this method : )

I was shocked they are spending this amount of money ($1100 per square foot!) to simply renovate these buildings when they can spend less and rebuild them. However, I definitely understand it is a tough situation as there is nowhere to move the residents if they were to rebuild. I am also happy the heritage value of the properties will be maintained. What do you think they should do with these properties?

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  1. Cyrus says:

    Wow, this is very useful for me. I’m working with the mech eng on the majority of these buildings and I needed to put together a list of all properties. Looks like you saved me some time.

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