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For the purposes of the long term maintenance of the UBC Wiki, the following information provides MATH 105 instructors with an idea of how to maintain content.


The content management system WordPress was used to present material in the module, but the content of the probability module lives on the UBC Wiki (which is an installation of a MediaWiki) on the Faculty of Science "namespace".

Editor Access

Editing the MATH 105 probability module content is intended for instructors only. If you are a MATH 105 instructor and would like to edit content on the UBC Wiki, contact CTLT and ask for permission to edit content on the UBC please contact the CTLT Wiki Support to request access to the Faculty of Science namespace. They will direct you to the appropriate person to allow you access to the wiki. If you would like to edit content on the UBC Blog, please contact Malabika Pramanik to request access to the blog.

Editing Guidelines

When editing content in the probability module, you may want to take the following into account:

  • changes made on the Wiki are automatically made on the UBC Blog, but not in the PDF version of the module
  • removing a page on the Blog does not remove it on the wiki


  • if there is content you want to remove for a particular offer of MATH 105, remove it from the Blog, not the Wiki, so that it is available for future offers
  • if there is content that contains errors, you need only make changes on the UBC Wiki and a PDF version of the module content (if one is available for download)

PDF versions of the module content can be generated with the UBC Wiki book creator.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics was installed in January 2012 to record usage statistics. If you would like to gain access to the Analytics account, Greg Mayer, Malabika Pramanik, and other past MATH 105 instructors may have the Google Analytics account credentials.


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