Today is officially the start of E-Week 2016! There are going to be TONS of events everyday for the next week. Join in and show your UBC Engineering pride by participating, volunteering or cheering on your department!

Last night was the opening ceremonies. My classmates and I arrived on campus around 8pm and proceeded over to Club Mech to meet up with the other Mech students. In the midst of preparing for opening ceremonies, I took a moment to step back and appreciate how cool it was to be partying with my classmates on a Sunday night. I don’t think alot of other students/faculties can say they have the opportunity to do that. It reminded me of advice that my solid mechanics professor, Dr. Schajer, gave me a year ago while we were filming for filmfEUSt (check out the link below). Speaking of which, if you haven’t met or had a class with Gary Schajer, you are doing yourself a disservice (*hint* JOIN MECH *hint*). He is soft-spoken, wise, and has such a philosophical outlook on life. He’s great.

Anyway, when opening ceremonies started last night at 10pm, I looked around the new ESC and saw the faces of hundreds of my engineering classmates. We may all have been representing different departments, but there was a common, underlying engineering pride. And really, that’s what E-Week is all about. I’ve said it a hundred times before, but I’ll say it again: PARTICIPATE IN E-WEEK! No matter what department you are in, even if you are not in a specialized department yet, you worked hard to get to where you are now. SO BE PROUD AND REPRESENT IT!

In the spirit of E-Week and to show you how awesome our department is, check out the links below:
MECH FilmfEUSt Entry 2012
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