Post-Reading Week Resolutions

Alright fam, so now that reading week is over I have to get back on track. My reading break was pretty lit. In fact I am sure it was better than yours. I did a variety of things ranging from late night Netflix binging to reading Kanye’s twitter feed. But now that I am back in school, I have to sort everything out. My design team competition is coming up so I spend a lot of my afternoons in the machine shop. For the rest of the term I plan to stay on top of things and have an organized schedule. Unlike before, I will wake up early and not 10mins before class. Waking up early not only gives me time to have a good breakfast but it also lets me become mentally ready for class. If I’m not mentally ready for class I won’t understand a thing. Other than that, I have a CPEN midterm coming up. It’s not a standard midterm as you would expect. It’s on the WEEKEND. First of all who does that? Second of all why? Lastly, I could be home watching The Office or something. But I guess it is what it is and I am just going to have to grind through it. There is one thing that I have to look forward to for next week, and it’s the feedback session hosted by Mech. This gives teachers an opportunity to get some feedback on how they are running the course. This goes to show that professors actually want to know how to make their course better for everyone. I think that’s pretty dope because if I have some issues with a course, I can be sure that my voice will be heard. But the best part about all this is that we get some dope lunch.

Key to success: Listen to T.L.O.P

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