Cameron Lee-Ming

Mechanical Engineering 2022 (Hopefully)
Thermofluids Option

A little bit about me…
Basically, I hail from a tiny island in the middle of literally nowhere. Seriously: type “Bermuda” into Google Maps.

I think the best way to summarize myself is that I am a massive goof who can’t help but find new ways to adventure, whether that’s exploring nature or pursuing fairly unusual passion projects.

I wish I had known before I came…
First year engineering at UBC was a gruelling experience because of the competition for admission to certain specializations. If there is any advice that I would give to my first-year self, it would be to take time for oneself. Having breaks to socialize, get a change of scenery or simply to rest is just as important as hard work.

I chose mechanical engineering because…
When I was really young, I would beg my parents to watch airplanes take off since I found them so fascinating. Any form of transportation that seemed more sophisticated than a car would be a source of inexplicable excitement for me. Admittedly, this obsession has not left me…at all. But, having worked in conservation I also appreciate the fragility of ecosystems. Aside from a comical obsession with transportation, I figured that mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (hence my specialization) would be the best way to work my way into the fields of sustainable transportation and energy.

Mechanical engineering at UBC in one word…

What I like best about my program…
Practicality. Mechanical engineering can be very academically rigorous, but it typically deals with real systems. I really enjoy taking practical considerations into account and not always trying to design the “idealized” system. It’s also nice to be able to both design and make something physical.

Outside of the classroom, I am involved with…
I spend the vast majority of my time outside of class doing things for my engineering design team, Formula UBC. I’ve been part of the aerodynamics subteam since 2017, and have spent the past year leading the subteam. It has easily been the highlight of my experience at UBC.

Otherwise, I can be found juggling several projects (which is why few of them ever get done), wasting time, or finding new ways to spice up my life.

Favourite moment/memory so far…
Remember that I said Formula was the highlight of my university experience? It was also my first experience with an international competition – in our case, FSAE Michigan. The opportunity to see what students have managed to accomplish through sheer will and coffee is genuinely mind-blowing.


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