Hamayun Aziz

Mechanical Engineering 2022Hamayun Aziz
General Option

A little bit about me…
I am a Mechanical Engineer who wants to use his skills to provide solutions to the most complex world problems. I have traveled a long way from home. I come from Bahrain, a small island in the Middle East. We have a great time at the beach during the day and a lit time at night!
I started off at UBC Okanagan for my first year where I had a great time! It gave the right start to my engineering degree and I made some lifelong friends. However, I wanted to be a small fish in the pond to help me grow. So I transferred to Vancouver to challenge myself. And it’s safe to say, I am having a great time!

I wish I had known before I came…
How accessible everyone is! Have a question? Knock on your professor’s door (obviously after giving them prior notice). Trouble with registration, walk into the MECH student services. Having any other problems? Literally just walk into those facilities and people are always happy to assist you.

I chose mechanical engineering because…
Curiosity. As a kid, when most kids were out playing, I was looking at a fan. But I wasn’t just looking at it; I was wondering “What kind of sorcery is this?” I have sought answers to the wonders that took place around me from a young age. Cars, lights etc. So when the chance came to decide which stream to take, I asked myself this question:
Which field will answer my daily questions and help me produce impacts? Answer: Mechanical.

Mechanical engineering at UBC in one word…

What I like best about my program…
The access to the MECH machine shop. If you have a great idea in your head and need to manufacture parts for it, the machine shop is the place to go. Apart from the great support you get in the machine shop, the technicians can also provide recommendations for better designs.

Outside the classroom, I am involved with…
• Engineers Without Borders (Advocacy Representative UBC and Advocacy Distributed Team Member)
• UBC Supermileage
• MECH Student Services

Favourite moment/memory so far…
Pretending to be from the faculty of pharmacology with past Mech Ambassador, Isaac Lachman,  just to have free breakfast before work. And I can confirm, those were the best sandwiches I ever had.


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