February 2011

Eric Mazur on Education and Educators

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Prof. Eric Mazur

A Harvard Physics Professor – Dr. Eric Mazur has been a role model for me and many of my colleagues. If I think of a person who has made a difference in how we teach physics, Eric Mazur would be this person. He is one of the leading physicts in the field of optics and bio-photonics. Dr. Mazur is also one of the most renown physics educators famous, among many other things, for his Peer Instruction book that introduced a different mode of teaching (with or without clickers). Dr. Mazur has received a number of physics teaching awards, including the AAPT Robert Millikan Award in 2008.

You can watch Dr. Mazur’s presentation, thanks to the Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive. It is certainly worth watching – what an amazing thing technology does if we can watch his talk anytime and anywhere! And of course thanks to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo for making it happen!

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Confessions of a Converted Lecturer
Speaker(s): Eric Mazur
Abstract: I thought I was a good teacher until I discovered my students were just memorizing information rather than learning to understand the material. Who was to blame? The students? The material? I will explain how I came to the agonizing conclusion that the culprit was neither of these. It was my teaching that caused students to fail! I will show how I have adjusted my approach to teaching and how it has improved my students’ performance significantly.
Date: 30/11/2010 – 7:00 pm
Tech Note: Edited and re-synced
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