March 2011

Attracting Girls to Physics: A Canadian perspective

In a few short days I will be flying to Cape Town, South Africa to attend the 4h International Conference on Women in Physics organized by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. It is a very special opportunity for me as I was chosen to be a member of the Canadian delegation with women and men from across Canada. I have never represented my country officially at an international conference. As I became Canadian relatively recently, it is my first time to represent Canada as a team member. However, it is not my first time to stand up for my country in the field of physics teaching – I have been feeling as a Canada representative at AAPT for a while as a Vice-Chair and Chair of Section Representatives and a member of the Executive Board. It is certainly an honour and I keep preparing as I want to make sure my presentations are going to be of interest to the conference attendees and they will be of high quality. I will present a poster, an outreach activity and a 30-minute presentation. I decided to upload my presentations in case they might be of use to other people. I have to mentioned here how well we worked as a team preparing these posters and presentations. Although we are located thousands miles apart, we were in close contact and all team members and our friends who cannot go this time provided invaluable feedback. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYBODY FOR YOUR HELP!

Attracting Girls to Physics: A Canadian Perspective Presentation ICWIP2011_Attracting_Girls_to_Physics_Milner.

Science Outreach Even presentation: Presentation ICWIP2011_Outreach Event Talk Milner

Poster: ICWIP_Milner2011_Poster Final

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