August 2011

Physics Education Research Conference 2011

A very interesting conference on Physics Education took place on August 3-4, 2011 in Omaha, NE. A few personal highlights:

Prof. Andy Rundquist from Hemlin University spoke about assessment in upper level undergraduate physics courses. I was especially interested how he uses tablets and other technology to evaluate students’ thinking about problems. His focus is on student reasoning and the way he assesses it is worth paying attention at. I also noticed he uses a LiveScribe pen…. He gave an excellent talk and showed very good examples of how it is done.

I also enjoyed listening to plenaries about new Science Education Framework standards in the United States and a new focus on assessment. Prof. Jim Pellegrino gave a very interesting talk about it.

I also took part in an excellent session about student reasoning and enjoyed the presentation by Brian Pyper, Ruth Chabay and Bruce Patton.

2 Responses to Physics Education Research Conference 2011

  1. Joss Ives

    Hi Marina, Andy has blogged quite a bit about his experience with getting students to screencast or pencast (LiveScribe pens) their assignments. (a href = “”>One of his initial posts on the topic explains it fairly well.

  2. Sophia van Norden

    Hi Marina,
    I hope you remember me…I am Alex Dee’s mother. Alex and my daughter Natalie were friends with Aviv at the MAC at Queen Mary. I didn’t realize you were back in Vancouver. How lucky we are to have you back!!! Because…Alex is now in first year engineering at UBC and keeps mentioning how good the teaching is with the use of clickers and how helpful the tutorials are. The last time we had coffee (6? years ago) you were telling me how you were working on improving the efficacy of teaching Physics. Seems that you and your team have done a fantastic job…at least based on my rather small sample size of Alex.
    Let me know if you ever have time for coffee. Maybe even Alex can come and give you some very personal feedback.
    How are Aviv and his brother doing?
    Best regards, Sophia

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