MRSc Grads Continue to Publish Their Research

The following research papers were recently published or accepted for publication in peer reviewed journals. Congratulations to the authors who persevered after graduation to publish their research and expand the reach of their new knowledge. This knowledge transfer is vital to rehabilitation practice.

Davidson, K. F., & Bressler, S. I. (2010). Piloting a points-based caseload measure for community based paediatric occupational and physiotherapists. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 77(3), 174-180. doi: 10.2182/cjot.2010.01.00

Hurtubise, K., & Carpenter, C. (in press). Parents’ experience with role negotiation within an infant services program.  Infants and Young Children, 24(1).

Widmer, C., & Beach, C. (2010). Use of standardized assessments for low back pain patients: Influence on physiotherapists’ clinical reasoning. Physioscience, 6(1), 2-12. doi:

If you are a graduate from the program and have published your research or presented it at a recent conference, please let us know by emailing:

Many thanks!

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